Buying and selling antique and vintage jewellery is a personal passion!

I made my first jewellery purchase when I was four years old, a 1930's lucite brooch with red roses which I bought from a jumble sale for two old pennies. 

Vintage Jewel Box

My favourite period for jewellery is the early 20th century, from the Edwardian Era of the 1900's through to the fabulous Art Deco decades of the 1920's ~ 1930's. The skilled craftsmanship of the jeweller and fine detail that came with the use of Platinum in those early decades never ceases to fascinate me. 

Vintage Jewel Box was launched in 1992 buying and selling Antique and Vintage jewellery at Antique shows and Art Deco fairs throughout England.  The next couple of decades were an exciting time to be in the antiques trade, business was bouyant and it was fun to meet collectors and traders who shared my passion for antique jewellery.
It was also a practical and sometimes hard learning curve that has stood me in good stead as there is no substitute for handling the thousands of pieces I have bought and sold over the years.

The final decade of the 20th Century heralded the arrival of the world wide web and at the dawn of the new millennium my business began to change! In 1998 I bought a computer, the now iconic Apple iMac G3 in Bondi Blue and I started selling on Ebay in 2001, going on to make over 1200 sales worldwide. My first website was created in 2005 and the Etsy shop opened in 2009.  
With over 2000 transactions across two shops on Etsy and 100% glowing five star reviews you can buy from the website with confidence.

Vintage Jewel Box is now an online only business, although most of my stock is still sourced from treasure hunting around antique fairs and auctions.

Everything I sell is carefully selected, cleaned and checked and I take pride in only selling pieces I would be happy to own myself.

After three decades I still totally love what I do.....the thrill of finding something unique and beautiful never wears off!

Carol x